Crazy Aunt Suzie Camp

“Crazy Aunt Suzie Camp” is a new activity that we have started here at the ranch. Aunt Suzie is Debbie’s sister who knows how to have a good time and get our guests engaged! The camp consists of Aunt Suzie leading participants in a fun filled craft project that you can bring home with you.

She will have you select either river rock, some barnwood, or even a small log which you will find here at the ranch and you will be amazed at what you can create! You can believe us when we say – you have never experienced a craft camp like “Crazy Aunt Suzie Camp”! She will keep you laughing with her shenanigans the entire time! This has become a guest favorite! It started our as one of our Children’s activities, but the adults wanted to get in on the action too! Come see what the fuss is about!